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‘Life is the purpose that I choose to realise’.


‘Higher Purpose’ is a collection of 19 songs that I have written between 2008 and 2016. After a period of five years without thinking too much of when I would make another album, circumstances in my life changed and I decided to dedicate myself to making music again – and this time with a more grounded vision and plan.


j jesus music reggae desteniContrary to my first album, Higher Purpose was finished in a record time of less than 4 months. I composed all the songs, recorded all the instruments, sang all the parts, mixed all the tracks, and mastered it too. Every songs – with exception to ‘I forgive Myself’ and ‘Equal Money’ – has a reggae feel to it. That is thanks to the bass lines influenced by Aston Barret (Bob Marley and the Wailers’ bass player) and the guitar, piano, and organ parts accenting the up beat. Some of the songs are, one can say, ‘straight up’ reggae – but many others fail a common definition… With elements of hip hop, blues, rock, soul, the songs are very distinct – and I am yet to find other music that sounds like it.


I listen to very little music. Truth be told, most music is vain an without any sort of substance. There are great singers, musicians, and producers, that is certain, but the music they make is rather poor. Consider the simple fact that people have been consuming music heavily since the first radio stations started transmitting – and nowadays music is really everywhere: radio, TV, on your desktop computer and phone. Yet, with so many words repeating again and again, heard by billions of people everyday, the world has failed to change for the better. How can this music be any good if it does not better the lives of people? This is why I seldom put on some music. Also, the pleasure of creating a song – putting all of the pieces together – is much greater than simply listen to one. I am certain that in those 4 months or recording, mixing, and mastering the album I have heard more music (my own, while making it) than in the last 3 years. This might be why I find it hard to define the genre of most songs. When I am making a song I am not trying to copy anyone or anything, but rather trying to find the sounds, melodies, and rhythms that I like at that particular time – all within my knowledge and capabilities, but at the same time daring myself to create something new.


I made these songs for myself first. They were not written to express an emotion, but rather to express Principles for Living – Principles that I strive to apply on a daily basis. That’s why I say that I made these songs for myself first. Knowing how they help me, I am certain that, if you allow yourself to become the words, they will help you too.


LIFE is the Higher Purpose. Virtually everyone is this world is pursuing their own personal interests – things that satisfy their own egos. In this pursuit they miss their potential to Live a Life truly magnificent. It is obvious that the world is full of pitiful souls with meaningless life – a real waste of potential. I am not saying this for any other reason than simply stating a fact. I too was once on a path of pointlessness – but I was sensible enough to, for a moment, put my ego aside and give (forGIVE) myself the opportunity to change. I have seen within me the great potential that exists within each one of us. This album is my commitment to create a world where we all are able to express that potential. My commitment is to create a world where all Life is honoured and respected; where we stand as Equals, as One. Making music with messages that bring me and others closer to this goal is my Purpose; my mission. I also commit myself to do it with blogs and vlogs – and, especially, within my living application.


Creating a world Best For All is the Purpose that moves me. This is my Higher Purpose.



Real art is seldom found, for there are very few artists in the world – and both the system and public fail to recognise the value. This is so by design.
Real art comes from the artists that has at heart a commitment for creating a better world. The common people call him a ‘dreamer’ – but he knows it is the others that are perpetuating the nightmare. 427662_317130228339114_1671117248_n-1

The heart is the symbol of Life – not love. The Earth is the giver of Life. Earth and Heart are the same: see the letters? You find ‘art’ in ‘heart‘ and in ‘earth’. Therefore, if an artists does not have at heart that which matters – as the matter of Earth, the giver of Life – then it is not real art…. It is just skill and, more often than not, a desire to be famous.


Having skill but failing at having the interest of what is best for all Life at heart will stop real art from ever being born. This is why there are so many ‘hit songs’: they hit the customer with the skill that they are accustomed to and, as soon as it arrived, it is killed and forgotten.


The ‘hit single’: hits one single time and dies. There is no art, just skill.


Singing or playing an instrument with emotion is also not art. The ‘devil’ is the king of emotions, for ‘he’ has deceived ‘Eve’ with emotion – and now all the sons and daughters of ‘Eve’ believe that emotions are what ‘makes us humans’, and that emotions are the great reason for living. This is not true. Life exists beyond emotions. ‘Emotion’ is just the motion of energy between a positive and a negative polarity. Energy is not Life. Energy is a Life fragmented, broken – and that is why, in a world where energy is ‘God’, the world is utterly broken, as everyone is moving between happy states (positive) and sad states (negative) – represented by the money system, where people move between cycles of ‘credit’ (positive) and ‘debt’ (negative). This system is unsustainable, and it will eventually collapse once the ‘energy’ has run out. In this reality of finite resources, we cannot endlessly consume. Emotions are not sustainable for the same reasons – and do not make us ‘humans’, it makes us zombies.  When will we stop to see and realise the lie that we exists as?


Real art is Expression. Real art is Expressive – not emotive. The motive, or purpose, is not the ego of man that drowns in emotion – but rather the expression of Life; the expression of what Life on this Earth can be – if only we wake up from our delusional existence.


The real Artist will, therefore, express Life – not only within his art but also within his living application: who he is within his thought, word, and deed. The real Artists transforms his living into art: the Art of Living as Life. Lao Tzu was an artist. Jesus was an artist.


Making music, painting, sculpting… This just takes skill and it does not make an Artist. The real artist is a force for change – a force for a world that is best for all. He will think, will speak, will write, and will do whatever it takes to turn this planet into a heaven for all. This is what the real Artist has at heart: an Earth that is a Piece of Art, for All.


I am a Heartist.